Buying a Home February 14, 2023

Get the most out of your showing experience!

You’ve been looking online and preparing to buy and now it’s finally time for you to start looking at homes in person! This should be exciting, but it is a big life decision and can easily become overwhelming. Here are a couple of things to do to help get the most out of your showings.

  1. Review details ahead of time. Your agent will work with you, but if you have important questions, like how old the roof is, get these questions answered before you go so you feel completely prepared. This will leave less opportunity to be disappointed when you get there!


  1. Take notes! When you have been looking at homes all weekend it is easy for them to start blending together. Mark down your favorites, so you can go back and review things!


  1. Drive around! You found your favorite home and you are thinking of putting in an offer…if you have time, go back and drive around the area. See where your closest grocery store is, get to know your potential new hometown.


  1. Test your commute. Take a test drive to your office or check out the drive time feature on your phone maps. The home you love may be a little farther away, but if there is a more pleasant path to take (No highway for example) you may prefer this!


  1. Follow your gut! Remember, we can talk details and color and location all day long, but when you feel like deep down that is the home for you, that’s usually the right one!